Lade Veranstaltungen

Photo: Krepsko

We’re playing at the flausen+festival#3!

If you’ve always wanted to come to Bielefeld but never had a reason … here it is:

“Gertrude Won’t Dance” is a concert without musical instruments, a dance that is not really a dance. A performance of curious clashes and disharmonies between people, an inevitable palette of conflicts and reunions.


Director: Linnea Happonen
Performers: Gabi Reinhardt, Isabelle Weh, Isabel Ogonowski, Alicia Weihrauch-Philip, Heda Bayer, Jiří Zeman.

Music: Mayim Alpert
Recording Music: Mayim Alpert, Pekka Eronen, Antti Korhola, Janne Kyyhkynen, Ville Niska, Pauli Ollila, Karoliina Paunonen, Daniel Shaul, Christian Stark, Tony Wallius, Pentti Yrjänäinen.

A co-production of Krepsko and Taupunkt e.V.

No language barrier!


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