Project Description

aesthetic education in day-care centres ..

.. for example: BLAUER ELEFANT IM KALEIDOSKOP (A blue elephant in the kaleidoscope)

Shapes – shape combinations – distortions. With this in mind, I work with the 2.5 to 4 year old children in the areas of aesthetic research and movement. Different materials are playfully explored individually or in a group. The focus is always on your own experience. In addition we learn more about body awareness and try out forms of movement for different musical occasions. At the end there is a short performance, which the other kindergarten children as well as their parents follow with great interest.

  • theatre pedagogy: Gabi Reinhardt

  • February – June 2011 | day care centre Märchenland Berlin Wedding

  • PHOTO: day care centre Märchenland

Spending time together, activating my own perception, discovering new things, on myself as well as on my vis-à-vis, having fun, changing perspective … with the strategies of theatre.
For me that means cultural education.
I lead team-building workshops in companies, design with you tailor-made aesthetic and sensual training for your specialist day or work on topic-related annual projects in schools or leisure time with children and young people.

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