Project Description

( after about 15s reddening of the face is over )

ORIGINAL: nach ca. 15s Rötung im Gesicht vorbei – Ein Stück Körper Sex

Who is watching when I look at myself? Where exactly does intimacy between you and me begin? Do I want this must?

“You can always see that the greatest punishment for a demand is its isolated fulfilment, isolated from its historical or social context. The number of such developments is large: sexual liberation, flat hierarchies, … self-realisation … Each of these key words in its first version sounds like the fulfilment of a demand that left and progressives made still into the 1970s, today it denotes a grim reality of apparently inevitable neoliberal constraints.” (Dietrich Diederichsen)

Five adults perform in a piece on the subject of normalizing sexuality and the body.

  • Performance: Doreen Ullmann, Felix Knappe, Florentine Jurisch, Frauke Libelle Ketelsen, Torsten Dietrich
    Direction: Gabi Reinhardt
    Costumes: Andrea Schmid
    Light: Max Hohendahl, Oliver Strehling
    Sound: Aaron Ghantus
    Tecnical support: Katharina Zehner
    Flyer: Elisabeth Matthewes

  • Premiere  June 2011 | micamoca Berlin

  • PHOTO: Andrea Schmid

In the end there is the show. Together we do the work on the way there, create the atmosphere, give impulses. (Look up devised theatre.) To lead everything to a coherent whole, which follows a superordinate idea, a concept, a question – that is my job as a director. 

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