Project Description

( I am like I am )

ORIGINAL: Ich bin wie I bims

Each of us is unique.
Our qualities, memories and skills make us special. But sometimes they also make us feel quite alone.
The development of the piece started with the experiences of the young performers. The result is a kind of choreography, full of rhythm, between individuals, changing groups and everybody, atmospheric, colourful and bustling, full of esprit and wit!

Ich bin wie I bims is a piece about appreciation.

  • Play | artistic direction: Gabi Reinhardt
    Pedagogical direction: Anja Kolditz and Liane Eltner

  • Premiere 28 March 2019 ǀ Theatre Chemnitz (as part of the school theatre week Chemnitz)

  • In co-operation with the Martin Andersen Nexö Secondary School Zschopau.
    In co-operation with KOST.


In the end there is the show. Together we do the work on the way there, create the atmosphere, give impulses. (Look up devised theatre.) To lead everything to a coherent whole, which follows a superordinate idea, a concept, a question – that is my job as a director.

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