Project Description

( Control )

ORIGINAL: Kontrolle

Theatre text

Cellar, dystopian landscape, a huge pink carpet.
In the middle of it all, individual people and champagne glasses made of plastic.
Does the change from chaos and order mean ‘always back to chaos’ or ‘always back to order’?

  • Direction: Gwendolin Lamping, projek zukumpf
    Text + dramaturgy: Gabi Reinhardt
    Stage design: Laura Kirst with the collaboration of Cornelius Vogel + Nico Randel
    Costumes: Leonie Falke
    Music: Marvin Blamberg

    Performance: Tom Busch, Souleymane Fall, Buket Isgören, Shan Li Peng, Kerstin Recker, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Katharina Sim, Tomasso Tessitori, Horst Theissen, Christina Zajber​

  • Premiere May 2017 ǀ KAT 18 as part of the Sommerblut Festival, Cologne


You can read a text, in the newspaper, on a blog or in a real book. But you can also listen to it, for example in a podcast or on stage, spoken by the author or a good actor, even by non-professional performers.
My texts are diverse. Comments, short stories, auto-fiction, reviews, texts for theatre evenings, choose something!
You can find a selection of my texts. But they are mostly untranslated in German language.
I also do dramaturgy.

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