Project Description

Oh shit, I turned into my mother

Theatre text, research-based

Oh shit, I turned into my mother deals sensually and critically with the influences that mothers have on their daughters. It’s about gender roles, body awareness and a more or less relaxed approach to sexuality.

  • Premiere November 2014 ǀ Galeria 88 Maribor, Slovenia

  • PHOTO: guestroom Maribor


You can read a text, in the newspaper, on a blog or in a real book. But you can also listen to it, for example in a podcast or on stage, spoken by the author or a good actor, even by non-professional performers.
My texts are diverse. Comments, short stories, auto-fiction, reviews, texts for theatre evenings, choose something!
You can find a selection of my texts. But they are mostly untranslated in German language.
I also do dramaturgy.

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