Project Description

( Better the heart is broken then my favourite LP )

ORIGINAL: Besser das Herz gebrochen als meine Lieblingsschallplatte

November. Rain falls, washing my romantic fantasies down the curb. But my heart will keep beating anyway. Doesn’t always have to be mine that breaks …

The performers immerse themselves in their record collections and encounter memories, fantasies, facts and faulty constructions.
A performative evening around all this heart shit.

  • Idea | concept | performance: Cindy Ehrlichmann, Eva-Maria Reimer, Gabi Reinhardt

  • Premiere November 2012 | Theater o.N. Berlin

  • PHOTO: Johannes Hoffmann

For me, performance means that I use my presence and my voice, mostly on stage. Sometimes I moderate, so I guide the audience and the guest and the topic through the evening. Another time I play, with material or different roles, sometimes with text, sometimes without text. But sometimes I only use my voice, so no one sees me.

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