Project Description

Oh shit, I turned into my mother!

In interviews with Slovenian women, through observations and my own biographical notes, I have put together a piece in my residence that deals sensually and critically with the influences that mothers have on their daughters.

It’s about gender roles, body awareness and a more or less relaxed approach to sexuality.

  • Idea | text | performance: Gabi Reinhardt

  • Premiere 28 November 2014| Galeria 88 Maribor, Slovenia

  • This production was developed within the residence in guestroom Maribor.

  • PHOTO + Trailer: guestroom Maribor

For me, performance means that I use my presence and my voice, mostly on stage. Sometimes I moderate, so I guide the audience and the guest and the topic through the evening. Another time I play, with material or different roles, sometimes with text, sometimes without text. But sometimes I only use my voice, so no one sees me.

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