Project Description


#splendidperches #eveningentertainment #innerexile #untamedpassion #scratchcard #unknownheights #180g #isometimessingwiththem #itisnotaboutmathematics


  • Integral: Erik Syniawa, Henning Wünsch, Pascal Anselmi, Tobias Conrad
    Guest appearance: Gabi Reinhardt

  • from time to time with me since December 2018 | Chemnitz

  • PHOTO: Mark Frost | Chemnitz

For me, performance means that I use my presence and my voice, mostly on stage. Sometimes I moderate, so I guide the audience and the guest and the topic through the evening. Another time I play, with material or different roles, sometimes with text, sometimes without text. But sometimes I only use my voice, so no one sees me.

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